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" There was no way I could have made it through an exercise class when I started. I slowly built up my endurance over 2 months using oxygen therapy & now I'm in regular group sessions!"

                   ~ Amy

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

This simple 15 minutes of low impact cardio (i.e.walking on a treadmill) while breathing
8-10LPM of pure O2 can change your life!


The body’s ability to transfer oxygen (O2) from the blood to the cells is the most significant factor in staying well and not aging. As we get older, this process slows down and we are not getting all the oxygen to the cell that is necessary to sustain homeostasis and so the cells (mitochondria) die or decay and our energy wanes. 


Here are some of the things that Oxygen therapy can do: 

  • Dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells

  • Recover from stress related illnesses

  • Prevent age related diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, 'non healing' wounds.

  • Slow down the process of aging

  • Improve exercise recovery speed

Letter from the Doc

"My interest in various oxygen therapies began In 1986 when I travelled to Germany and Austria to visit medical clinics that were utilizing ozone to patients. I observed first hand the powerful effects of administering both oxygen (02) and ozone (03) to patients in providing miracle like results to those with end stage cancer, chronic arthritis, circulatory/heart problems, dementia, emphysema, antibiotic resistant infections and chronic fatigue. My road to certification in these therapies led me to many of the experts in this field: Dr William Campbell Douglas, Dr Robert Rowen (who enticed me to Alaska in 1989 because of his ozone expertise) and Dr Frank Shallenberger-all have written about the benefits of ozone and EWOT. They all emphasize the importance of not waiting until you get one or more of these conditions before doing something about it; but rather taking steps toward prevention before you acquire one of these labels. I believe EWOT is one of the most effective interventions one can do to restore the damage that comes with aging, poor lifestyle choices, the adverse effects of medications, surgeries, chemotherapy or radiation. Getting more oxygen to the cells of your body and brain enhance athletic abilities, improve cognitive function, mood and sleep.


Over the years I’ve written prescriptions for patients to get an oxygen tank and nasal cannula to use while exercising for 10 minutes. The problem was the highest concentration that was available was 3L/min and some of that could be lost around the cannula. Then I learned that the company I got my ozone machine and supplies from offered a machine with a special mask that would allow 10 L of oxygen to be inhaled. Hooray! However, as important as I knew EWOT is to my patients, I had a dilemma. I had no extra room in my clinic! Since I’m a solution oriented rather than problem focused person I began looking for other avenues to bring this therapy to Alaskans and (my ulterior motive) me :). I decided to collaborate with Bonnie Murphy at Bfitandwell in Anchorage. Bonnie is the first certified functional aging specialist in Anchorage. By the way, her associate Marisa Van Dyke is an occupational therapist is also certified FAS). I felt EWOT was in alignment with both of our goals: helping folks get out of pain, reclaim their health and lead more active lives!So, who can benefit from EWOT? EVERYONE If you are still breathing and moving (even in a wheelchair) you can do EWOT. What are you waiting for?? Join me!"


Sandra Denton MD

Founder Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic

Anchorage Alaska


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