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Improve your balance, strength, coordination, & flexibility!

Movement is medicine

It's no secret that physical and mental health is influenced by physical activity.
The hard part is feeling up to, and consistently participating in daily activity. 
There are just as many excuses not to as reasons why movement improves our health.
Old injuries, lack of time, cold weather, no motivation, etc. 

BFit & Well is the leading fitness and lifestyle program serving Anchorage adults for over 10 years.

Our mission is to help you overcome the excuses by creating a community of support and inclusion.

Life happens. None of us would be at the gym if we didn't have areas to improve upon.  

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On Making Progress


On reaching goals


On making friends

Owner and personal trainer Bonnie Murphy has been coaching clients to achieve their fitness and wellness goals for almost 30 years. She understands the challenges and the barriers to lifestyle change, and will help clients to overcome obstacles.  In 2017, Bonnie partnered with the medical community to bring additional services into the gym.

People of all ages and abilities call BFit  'home'.  One of the most inclusive fitness communities in Anchorage, clients keep coming back for the camaraderie, the support, and the many laughs.  Exercise doesn't have to be a chore.  Join the family and improve your quality of life while having fun!

Your Fitness Profile

"Exercise prescription is not a one-size-fits all type of thing.  It is essential to provide clients with enough challenge to further their goals while also ensuring their safety for years to come. We provide a multi-level, tailored approach to wellness that improves daily function, maintains motivation, and builds community."                             
                                                                           -Bonnie Murphy, owner BFit & Well

Schedule a visit & develop your Fitness Profile (FP) with wellness experts who are interested in helping you reach your optimal health!  Fitness Profiles guide which groups are the best match & which other services may be helpful to try. 

Our stepwise exercise programming ensures a safe, manageable workload for each participant. 
Begin where you feel most comfortable.  Progress when you're ready.

Step 1
Exercise with Oxygen
Step 2
Small Group
Step 3
Functional Movement


Renovation Complete!

A huge Thank You to everyone who has helped to reupholster, paint, hang pictures, and provide ideas over the last few months as we went through yet another transformation.  BFit is evolving, and it's only right that the space is a culmination of efforts from every one of you! 


 Before joining BFit & Well, I thought I was bound for a wheelchair. I could barely walk. I was so depressed, weak, and  hopeless.
I am now so much stronger & happier! My husband and family have noticed how much I
 have changed!


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