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            Welcome to BFit&Well!

Anchorage's Premier Mature Fitness Center!

We are here to help all older adults go from frail to function without injury using love, with encouraging challenges so that our seniors become confident, fit and capable. 

Whether it is hiking, camping, your favorite charity walk or just keeping up with the grandkids, we will get you there. Then BFit&Well will help you maintain the mobility you've gained by introducing small challenges to keep improving your fitness level.

Imagine going through your golden years with fewer aches and pains, fewer doctor visits with fewer illnesses. 

For example; a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and high cholesterol by creating a stronger immune system and lower stress levels.

These are just a FEW of the benefits of regular exercise! 

Excited to get started?!

Go See Bonnie!!

While we would love it if everyone would just Go See Bonnie, we do have a few rules!

1) The most important rule of all!! Listen to your body! If you have a broken, torn or injured part, or any other health concerns please get cleared from your doctor before beginning ANY exercise routine!!

2) Do not work through PAIN!! This is an add-on to rule 1 but sometimes we get overzealous so it bears repeating. Sure, feel the muscles, but DO NOT WORK THROUGH JOINT PAIN!!!

3) Be kind to yourself; your body has been through a lot! Be patient with it! There is no judgement here. Just each of us working to do better than we did yesterday and cheering each other on!

4) You can do it! And if you can't yet, that is ok! We will get there together!


     So what are you waiting for?? Get to it!! The sign up button is at the top or you can call and         chat with Ms. Bonnie herself and she will get you going! Go for it! You are worth it and it is         never too late!!

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