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All diseases of aging are preventable by maintaining optimal energy production as you get older.  That’s what BioEnergy Testing® helps with by providing baseline measurements, alerting you of deficiencies, and confirming that your health & fitness efforts are putting you on the right track toward meeting your goals (at re-test periods). 

The level of precision when using BioEnergy Testing® to improve health is unparalleled.  There are two main components to BioEnergy Testing®: a resting portion and an exercise portion.  Arguably the most important tests for weight control, the resting tests provide a clear picture of how your body burns fat and carbohydrates during the 98% of the day that most of us are sedentary. On the flip side, the exercise test highlights the intensity of exercise which is appropriate to achieve maximal fat-burning benefits. Somewhat surprisingly, people often find out that they are working out too hard to achieve their goal of weight loss. 

The culmination of all health bio-markers, the energy quotient (E.Q.) is a measurement of your maximal aerobic energy production.  E.Q. is the most global measurement, as aerobic energy production is tied to optimal mental health, physical function and disease prevention. For additional information on BioEnergy Testing®, read Bursting with Energy by Frank Schallenberger, M.D., H.M.D. 

Treatment focuses on improving the cause of deficiencies, and embraces simple, yet powerful remedies.  Water, rest, sunlight, real food, exercise, breathing, supplements, and if necessary, bio-identical hormonal replacement. 

The staff at BFit & Well are not authorized to prescribe medication, so if your test results indicate further need, you will be referred out for further interpretation and/or testing.  We strongly encourage you to see a doctor familiar with BioEnergy Testing® principles, as treatment protocols differ slightly from traditional medicine.  Our referral will include contact information for a local MD who specializes in BioEnergy treatments.

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