10 Reasons You Should Eat Healthy Chocolate

1. Reduces free-radical damage & inflammation

2. Minimizes Joint Pain & Discomfort
3. Cold-Processed Formulation Preserves Nutrients
4.Supports Healthy Immune System Response
5. Increases Sense of Well-Being
6. May Improve Sleep
7. Promotes Cardiovascular Health
8. Diabetic Friendly and Gluten- Free
9. May Help You Lose Weight
10. Natural Energy - No Caffeine

Nature's Top Antioxidant Powerhouse


Antioxidants are chemicals (both naturally occurring and man-made) that can prevent or slow cell damage by acting as the first line of defense against free-radicals. The cacao bean, from which dark chocolate is derived, is one of nature's top sources of antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols, flavonols and catechins. So contrary to what you may have been taught, adding chocolate to your diet may actually be doing your body a lot of good!


Not All Chocolate is Created Equal

As if it weren't hard enough to choose what chocolate bar to grab, here's some food for thought: most commercially produced chocolates process the cacao beans in a way that destroys most of the key nutrients, including the antioxidants. The heating process reduces the nutritional benefits that you could be enjoying from your chocolate treat, and turns the average chocolate bar into just another junk food.

The Healthy Chocolate Difference

Getting your hands on truly Healthy Chocolate™ is not impossible.  Well Beyond  is the ONLY company using a patented cold-processing system to produce Healthy Chocolate™, enabling the chocolate to retain the full antioxidant power that can prevent, slow, and reverse dozens of disease processes. The good news? This unique Healthy Chocolate™ is not missing a single thing when it comes to taste!

Eat Without Guilt - It's NOT Candy!!
Diabetic Friendly  |  Gluten Free  | No Caffeine 
Healthy Chocolate™ : Making a Difference in the Lives of Many

People with a variety of health conditions are reporting the benefits of adding Healthy Chocolate™ to their wellness regimen.  Feel free to explore just a few of the stories about overcoming health obstacles using this delicious product. 

Sarah Frank: Depression, Mental Clarity, Migraines, Mood, Weight Loss

Roberta Klopstein: Bone Density, Cholesterol, Depression, Energy, Sleep, Weight Loss

Carolyn Swaby: Energy, Fibromyalgia, Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Sleep, Weight Loss

Lynn McClung: Fatigue, Inflammation

Kenny & Jackie Vezeau: Degenerative Disk Disease, Diabetic, Diverticulitis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis

Annette Tuell: Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Energy

Dana Alsop: Lupus