Frustrated and tired of trying to find a weight loss program here in Anchorage that is geared to the mature woman?
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If you live here in Anchorage, we’ve got the fitness and health program that so many mature women have not been afforded at other personal training centers here in town. By mature women, we are referring to the gals out there that have hit 50 years of age and are at a point in their lives where the stomachs have gotten rounder, the thighs are jiggling, and the upper arms look like a pair of wings flapping in the breeze.

If you’re one of these women, and you are truly determined to find a fitness and health program that is going to target your specific needs and help you attain that sexy body you had in your 30’s and 40’s, then you need to check out our weight loss Anchorage program. The harsh reality is that for many years now, there has never been a women’s fitness, health, and weight loss program that catered to the special needs of the mature woman. And that is exactly why we developed a program like ours.

Our weight loss Anchorage program provides you with losing weight!

In addition to shedding those excess pounds and getting back that figure you had in your 30’s or 40’s, you will be able to:

  • Be healthier than you’ve ever been in years gone by
  • Be energetic and more mobile just like your younger years
  • Firm up that bouncing, round stomach that has been embarrassing you and hindering your mobility
  • Get rid of those “wings” you refer to as sagging upper arms
  • Trim down those “Thundering Thighs” in order to improve your appearance and your mobility

Best of all, you will know that this program has been customized to the specific fitness and health needs of mature women, so we know that we have a program of diet and exercise that is going to work for you.


You read that correctly. We guarantee your satisfaction and will refund 100% of your money if you don’t see improvements in your appearance, or notice a difference in the way you feel after following our diet and exercise program for 3 months. And we can make this guarantee because we have witnessed countless past clients lose the weight, get healthier, and regain their mobility time and time again. The bottom line is that we have removed the risk (and hopefully the doubts) about how well our women’s fitness and health programs work here at our weight loss Anchorage facility.

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