Bending Dotted


I will work with you on your
own personal plan that will help you reach your strength and
flexibility goals. I’ll work with you to help you gain the vigor you
desire. While working with me you will see your body change. You will
feel better about yourself and you will have more energy for everyday


Group Personal Training: 

My groups are limited to 5 participants and I’ll work with as few as
2. I’ve found that not only does this work for many women because of
keeping the costs down, but it also leads to new friendships and

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Click Here To Download The Small Group Personal Training Brochure


Summer Classes For Girls:

Click Here To Download Girls Fitness Summer 2011 Brochure

Other Services:

Boot Camps, Food Coaching, Seminars, and more! 

Please call for pricing information or questions regarding class descriptions or times 907.229.7652
203 W. 15th Avenue, Suite 103