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Hey, check this out!



Bonnie Murphy has been selected as

“The Best Personal Trainers in Americaā€¯ 2009

In October of 2009 Bonnie Murphy was chosen as one of the “Best Personal Trainers in America” by The National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum.

This is quite an honor for a small town Fitness Trainer to be included in a national publication.

“Since I work mainly with mature women, I found it very gratifying to be recognized.

My training is very different from the norm because I work without the normal weight equipment that you find in most traditional health clubs.

I focus on functional training and that’s the reason why so many of my clients’ experience such monumental changes with their total body. I challenge each client, but I don’t hurt them. They might not experience excruciating pain, but they’ll see wonderful results. No-pain, no-gain, is insane!”

The criterion that was used to pick the top trainers was by a points rating system. The number of years as a trainer, the number of current clients, the number of certifications, and how long you’ve owned a studio or gym were among some of the information that counted toward the accumulative points.

To be considered one of the “Best in the Business” a score of 5,000+ was necessary.

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