Are you sick and tired of being
in that segment of the
population that is being
completely ignored by
the fitness and health industry,
a.k.a. the mature woman?

We were, too. And that is exactly the main reason that we designed and developed a fitness training program here in Anchorage. None of the other fitness and health centers in the area offered any fitness training program for women that were older than their 20’s or 30’s. If you were in your 40’s or 50’s, you were just out of luck when it came to finding a program that would target their specific fitness and health needs.

And that’s really sad because the consequence for most mature women was that they resigned themselves to the fact that they would be stuck with their round stomachs, flabby butts, “thunder” thighs, and upper arms that look like wings flapping in the wind. That’s not the case anymore – not when you sign up for one of customized fitness training programs here at our Anchorage fitness and health center.

We’ll even guarantee you results within the first 90 days or

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an opportunity to me. You have nothing to lose by trying one of our fitness training programs because of that money-back guarantee, so we have basically removed all the risk for you. You really have nothing to lose by signing up for one of our programs. We can customize the ideal diet and exercise plan that targets your specific needs, and this is why we can guarantee results within 90 days. We know we have a program for you. So if you’re ready to get started

Pick up your phone and

Do you still need some convincing? Well how about if we share the main features and benefits of our fitness training Anchorage program? The women’s fitness training program will afford you with the following 6 features and benefits as follows:

  • You’ll get rid of that round belly that has been hanging around for a while possibly hampering
    your mobility as well
  • You’ll firm and tone up those “thunder thighs” (and yes, we had them, too)
  • You’ll shape up those upper arms so that they don’t look like wings flapping in the breeze anymore

Granted, those first three features and benefits are exactly the initial reasons to sign up for one of our fitness training Anchorage programs, but these are the real key benefits:

  • You’re going to get fit and healthier than you’ve been for possibly years now
  • You’re going to regain mobility that has steadily been diminishing as you’ve gotten older
  • You’re going to feel better and look as good as you did in your 40’s (maybe even your 30’s)

You needed extra convincing and we just gave it to you with the 6 features and benefits listed above, so now the rest is up to you.

Pick up your telephone and

(907) 229-7652!