If you’re a woman who is 50 years old or
older, and you’re tired of having bouncing
thighs, a
fat stomach, and upper arms that
look like
wings flapping in the breeze,

Best of all, it’s right here in Anchorage. You don’t have to settle anymore for a women’s fitness and health program that only affords you temporary results at best. Our fitness Anchorage program will help you shed the weight, tone up your body, and teach you how to keep the weight off permanently.

We’ll show you how to regain your health and your mobility, while at the same time assisting you to reshape that body and become that fit and sexy gal that you once were in your 30’s or 40’s. We designed and developed our women’s fitness and health program here in Anchorage for a number of reasons, but the primary ones were:

  • Most of the fitness and health centers in Anchorage only catered to people in their 20’s and 30’s. As a result of this, there was no fitness and health centers here in Anchorage that catered to the mature woman and her needs.
  • We also realized that no two women are ever the same, so there fitness and health needs differ as much as their personalities do. Therefore, it was our intention to formulate and develop programs that could be customized to the needs of the mature Anchorage woman.

Who says you have to be 30 to look
and feel like you are?

We definitely don’t. You’ll quickly discover that our fitness Anchorage program is not just about flattening your stomach and toning those sagging muscles. Now you can feel vibrant and young again, even if you are 50 or older. You’ll understand why we feel that there aren’t many things about you that can’t be improved when you undertake a program of proper diet, nutrition, and exercise.

When you participate in one of our mature women’s fitness and health programs here in our Anchorage facility, you’ll not only shape up and get healthier, you’ll mostly find that your mobility has improved as well. And the older we get, whether male or female, mobility can become a serious issue. Now you can have an . . .

exercise and nutrition program geared to the mature
woman that has far-reaching fitness and health benefits!

Additionally, if you have been diagnosed as being a diabetic risk or in a pre-diabetic state, you will be happy to know that the nutrition part of our fitness Anchorage program can target your blood sugar and help you stabilize that in the process. Sometimes, these programs have stabilized past client’s blood sugar levels by utilizing focused exercise and nutrition to the extent that they were diagnosed as no longer being a diabetic risk or a pre-diabetic.

So there is only one thing left for you to do and that is to pick up
your phone and CALL US TODAY at
(907) 229-7652!
The call could definitely change your life!