One on one training is available to those mature women who live in the Anchorage Bowl and are interested in getting stronger and staying flexible.

Personal fitness training is offered to help the female client work out without fear of injury or ridicule. My in-home personal training studio provides private instruction to help guide each client through a structured and specific program designed just for them.

 I work with each client for the minimum of 8 weeks. We meet twice a week to create a strength and flexibility routine. The 16 sessions will provide for a great base so that each client can graduate and move on to the gym and work out alone or sign up for more sessions with me. Most all of my students have signed up for more sessions. I then graduate them to Fitness by Phone® so that they can get a handle on their cardiovascular development, too.

While working with my client on strength and flexibility I encourage them to do some aerobic (i.e. walking, running, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, dancing, low impact aerobic classes, exercise videos) exercise on most days. A complete fitness regime is one that includes strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and stress releasing exercises.

Please read this article on“How to Choose a Fitness Coach” to make sure you know  what to look for in a Fitness Coach, and to ensure that I am the right Coach for you!

you are ready to get fit then I can help. Please call Bonnie Murphy at:

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