1May, 2012

Anchorage Personal Trainer Bonnie Murphy of bfit & well Celebrates Five Year Anniversary


(May 1, 2012) Anchorage, Alaska – Anchorage Personal Trainer Bonnie Murphy of bfit & well Celebrates Five Years of Helping Women Transform Their Lives


Bonnie is a certified trainer who specializes in helping mature women live young and healthy lives. She is celebrating herfive year anniversary by giving back to women of Anchorage. “I am offering everyone who calls or emails me five free workouts,” says Bonnie.

Anchorage Personal Trainer Bonnie Murphy

May 1, 2012 marks Bonnie’s five year milestone as Anchorage’s only personal trainer to help the mature women with fitness. In these five years she has helped 457 women lose 5,484 pounds and 10,054 inches collectively. “Many women are resigned to thinking there is nothing they can do when their bodies slow down and get stiff as they age,” comments Bonnie. “I say, no way! Time might march on, but there is no need to let Mother Nature drag you down.”

The women’s lives that Bonnie has positively affected have improved their health, stamina, and self-esteem. bfit & well is the only fitness center in the Anchorage area that caters specifically to the needs of women over 50! As women age, their fitness and nutritional needs change. What a woman in her 20′s needs is far different than that of a woman in her 60′s.

Bonnie started her own personal training business in 1995 after she packed up her belongings and moved back to Anchorage with her 79 year old aunt. “I had been working in fitness more than 7 years and felt the time was right to start finding out what the adult woman needed to do to get in shape, tone her body, and feel vibrant again,” says Bonnie.

She spent the next 9 years transforming older women at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center and also continued her own education. She is a certified personal and group exercise trainer from AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) ACE (American Council on Exercise) and UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage), a certified Zumba® Instructor, and a certified Aqua Aerobics Instructor. Recently, Bonnie received her HKC (Hardstyle Kettle Bell Certification) in Houston. She is one of three HKC instructors in Alaska.

Bonnie was also awarded a National Mature Media Silver Award for senior health and fitness articles that she has written for local media, including Senior Voice.

It’s not Bonnie’s credentials that completely make her successful at what she does. Bonnie is truly passionate about helping women over 50 conquer the natural phases of aging. She has helped several women overcome health issues such as: hypertension, type II diabetes, and high cholesterol. Some women didn’t even have the capability to walk up the stairs or cross their legs, but with Bonnie’s amazing program these women are now living a vibrant life.

Valerie, a 59 year old client of Bonnie’s states, “I’ve been working with her 3 times a week for about 3 weeks, and my knees no longer hurt, I can walk up a few stairs comfortably and today I found that I can cross my legs—for the first time in at least 20 years!” It’s stories like these that make Bonnie’s five year celebration so exciting.

The program at bfit & well goes beyond toning muscles and flattening bellies. The program helps women improve ailments through proper diet and exercise. Even one client who suffers from MS (multiple sclerosis) who could not walk toe to toe without losing balance and walked with a cane has made such a transformation she no longer uses the cane and doesn’t lose her balance. “This is such an amazing and rewarding feeling it’s hard to describe in words,” comments Bonnie.

Bonnie’s passion is fitness and helping mature women of Anchorage feel young and vibrant. She is excited to share her five year celebration with all women and encourages them to reach out for their free five workout sessions. Bonnie can be reached by calling 907.229.7652 or email bonnie@bfitandwell.com


bfit & well

203W 15th Ave, Suite 103

Anchorage, Alaska 99501




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