24Mar, 2012

How I Used Kettle Bells to Fix my ‘Frozen’ Shoulder

I’ve told the story before about how I used Kettle Bells to ‘unlock’ my shoulder.

But after I recently achieved my Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) I wanted to share the entire story of my transformation from having a ‘frozen’ shoulder to being one of the only people in the world – let alone Anchorage, Alaska – certified to teach Kettle Bell training!
Kettle Bells Anchorage Alaska

I shared my story with the folks that put on the ‘Ageless Body’ workshop in Orlando in September 2011 and they just published it here:

Ageless Body Success Story: Bonnie

Some people have asked me what exercises I used to ‘unlock’ my shoulder, and two specific ones I used were the Egyptian and the Halo, both found in Pavel’s book and DVD Super Joints.

The Kettle Bell exercises that I am doing right now are swings, overhead carries, presses, dead-lifts, goblet squats and Turkish get ups.

I also teach all of those exercises – as well as the basics of Kettle Bell training – at bfit & well in Anchorage, Alaska.

Call me at 907-229-7652 or email me if you’d like to add Kettle Bell training to your fitness regime!

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Comments on “How I Used Kettle Bells to Fix my ‘Frozen’ Shoulder” (3)

  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Good to hear you are doing well. I dislocated my shoulder years ago and it is a challenge as you can expect. I did not think of the Egyptian as a shoulder exercise but I can see how it would help being that the nerves from the neck innervate the arm and shoulder. I also do arm bars and they are helping me considerably. I too like the overhead carry and do it after my presses.
    Be Well and thanks

  2. Dr. John.
    Thanks so much for your comments.
    I keep forgetting about the arm bar because I was so not able to do it at the workshop!
    I’ll get right on it!!
    Thanks, again,

  3. matthew g.

    I would like to know what type of exercises my son can do, to get his shoulder back in shape in time for the next school wrestling season?: he dislocated his shoulder and stretched out his nerves in the shoulder area and the mylon sheathing tore apart, so I know he first has to waite for that to heal, he is just now getting his movement back in his arm and fingers and is moving his shoulder alright right now.
    When it is completely healed, what can he do to strengthen, (ALL), the muscles around his shoulders (what kettlebell and non-kb exercises), so his chances of dislocating his shoulder again are less, when it comes time to wrestle in the next school year???
    He is laying off all wrestling tournaments from now, through the summer, until the next school year as to be sure he is completely healed and strong.
    Thank You.
    Matthew G.

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