27Feb, 2012

Kettle Bell Training Gives you Real Strength

Dusty SquatsWhen I say “weight training” or “power lifting” you think “strength,” right?

Particularly when you think of power lifting you think STRONG, right?

Well there’s a very real situation that I have been blessed to be a part of that will challenge your thinking when it comes to “strength.”

I have a young friend, Dusty, who’s 31 years-old and is a well known name in the Power Lifting Community here in Anchorage, Alaska.

He has set several state records for total pounds lifted in Squats (pictured above left), Dead-lifts, and Bench Press.

And now he’s training for the National Power Lifting Competition this August in Texas.

Dusty also does some specialized personalized fitness training with select clients at bfit & well in Anchorage.

While we were talking a few weeks ago, I mentioned how much I loved Kettle Bell training and how it has changed my body in just the short amount of time that I have been using them.

He was amused and very kind… listening, but chuckling under his breath; you know what I mean.

Well, after we talked he went to Austin, Texas to see his family and his high school power lifting coach.

His High School coach asked him to squat 600+ pounds and he did it easily, no warm-up, just went over to the squat rack and did it!!

Well, his coach saw that Dusty had made massive progress and needed a Strength and Conditioning coach that was more familiar with the next level of training, so he introduced Dusty to a Coach from another school.

Wouldn’t you know it… his new Strength and Conditioning Coach couldn’t say enough great things about Kettle Bells and how they can help anyone in any sport!

This coach put Dusty through a 3 hour KB workout; Dusty said it was one of the toughest workouts he ever enjoyed!

And you better believe that Dusty found out where his weak spots were!

A man that can squat 600+ pounds as easily as you or I can bend down to tie our shoes had weak spots? Yep!

Come to find out, Dusty had no core strength to speak of!!!!!Kettle Bell training in Anchorage, Alaska

Since kettle bell training is all about cardio, core and strength, Dusty was sold.

He came home from his trip with a brand new appreciation for Kettle Bells.

He wanted to work out a couple of times a week with Kettle Bells while keeping up his Power Lifting training.

I told him that he could train here at bfit & well, but I told him that the heaviest KB I had was 25 pounds… He was happy with that for starters!

Dusty has been faithfully working out with KB’s for a few weeks now and his core is definitely stronger.

We are both eager to see how much this will improve his squat and bench press numbers.

So why am I telling you about a Power Lifter training for a National Competition?

So you’ll understand that even if you think you are in great shape, even if you are athletic or “strong,” that you might have areas that need work.

And Kettle Bells are the best way that I’ve ever found to whip you into great shape, fast!

When I started working with Kettle Bells I considered myself in pretty good shape, but I found areas where I was using the wrong muscles to complete certain moves.

For instance, I always considered my legs as strong, but now I can actually feel muscles. This never happened to me with conventional weight training!

My shoulder is more useable and more mobile than it has been in years, due in part to the shoulder mobilization drills I do every day (that I teach in my Joint Mobility and Flexibility Workshops), but also because I’ve woken up the muscles that are used to stabilize the shoulders with Kettle Bell exercises.

When you use the right muscles for the jobs that they were designed for, there is no more pain!!

It is an absolutely freeing feeling!

I am very anxious to help you get on the road to a pain free life.

Through KB training, the right way, you can achieve the body that you have been dreaming about.

Please let me know in the comments if you are interested in a Kettle Bell class at bfit & well… if there is adequate interest, I’ll put together a class. Or email or call me if you’d like personal Kettle Bell instruction.

Call me at 907-229-7652 or email me if this way of strength training intrigues you!!

Dedicated to your fitness success,




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