11Jan, 2011

How Can You Burn 450 Calories in 45 Minutes?

One of my gals burned 450 calories in JUST 45 minutes the other day during a boot camp workout!! “So? She’s probably some athlete!” you might say. Wrong! What if I told you that physically she is just your average mature woman in her 50’s and that in less than one hour she burned more than DOUBLE the calories you’d burn doing a regular workout. Burning calories at a rate of over 600 an hour;  imagine the results you could achieve in 6 weeks!

But I don’t want you to just IMAGINE the results – I want you to EXPERIENCE them! You deserve it! Your family deserves it! Did I mention that YOU deserve it? You deserve to feel good, to be able to move without pain, to live a normal life – the life you used to live.

To get you to EXPERIENCE that, I want you to come to our 7:15AM Boot Camp on Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday. You’re even welcome to join us on Saturdays at 10AM if you like. This will all start January 19, 2011and run through February 28. I know it is HARD to get started. It just is – it’s human nature, especially for women. Women always want to take care of everyone else before they take care of themselves; maybe, if they get around to it!

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