4Jan, 2011

Are you a “resolutionist”?

What’s your best time of day? Are you a morning person? Would you like to get your workout in before work? You are in luck!!

I just opened up a Boot Camp Style Fitness program from 7:15 AM until 8:00 AM. This will be held on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. Are you up for that? This will begin Monday, Jan. 10th.

Why not start out 2011 with a dedicated fitness regime? Along with selective eating and regular, consistent, progressive exercise you can achieve all your fitness and wellness goals.

You probably are asking yourself what a Boot Camp Style workout is all about. It’s a group working together on challenging, heart pumping, and fun programs. The latest statistics has proven that if you workout hard (elevate your heart rate)  for 30-60 seconds and then do an active recovery for 90-120 seconds for 6-12 rounds you’ll improve your stamina and overall health better than doing 45-60 minutes of steady state cardio. So, if you can get the same benefits in a shorter amount of time, isn’t that a good thing? Since we are all so pressed for time, it just makes more sense to workout smarter in less time.

If this is intriguing to you, then I encourage you to call and reserve your spot in the 3-day, 7:15 AM Before-Work Boot Camp Style workout!! 907-229-7652.

The investment for your health and wellness is only $249 a month with a 6 month commitment. Of course you can mix and match the boot camp times so that you can get in the most workouts in your week. Remember, too, that there is an optional boot camp on Saturday’s at 10:00 AM.

Your six month commitment will be on a contract so that all you have to worry about is showing up and getting one of the best workouts available to you for your time spent.

Along with stamina, you will increase your energy, strength, gain balance, and increase your flexibility. You will get rid of inches and with a change in your food selections; you will also reduce your weight!!  Some of my gals have seen their blood pressure go down and return to normal levels in just a few short weeks. Those that are concerned with diabetes have seen their blood sugar levels stabilize. YAY!!

What are the negative tapes that are running in your head?  Do you tell yourself that you can’t do things? I am always amazed at what my gals think they can’t do. To their surprise they are much more capable than they ever imagined and you are too!! Sure, things will be hard at first, new adventures usually are, but with consistency and repetition your muscles will get stronger and they will love the new found fitness. Your body was made to move and so when you give it what it needs you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish!!!

Are the tapes telling you that you can’t afford it? What is your health worth? What does it cost for one day in the hospital or ER? As the Loreal commercial goes; “you are worth it”!

Need some inspiration? Check out all of the testimonials telling you about what an exercise program has done for different clients. The hardest part of this whole exercise commitment is making that phone call that gets you signed up!! Don’t hesitate. Your body does not want to spend another year of slothiness!!!

Dedicated to your fitness success,

Bonnie, transformer




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