19Jul, 2010

Nobody told me about the 20 pound gain from menopause

A quote from one of my gals: “I knew about the 20 pound weight gain from quitting smoking, I knew about the next 20 pound weight gain from Alaskan winters, but nobody told me about the next 20 pound gain from menopause.”

None of us want to think about the end of summer—but its coming. If you don’t have a plan in place to keep active this winter you’ll just end up next year with another 10-20 pounds accumulated around your middle. Isn’t it tough enough now to breathe and bend? What if I was to tell you there is a way to stave off those added pounds and feel better? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Well, here is the plan!!

At 5:45 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, you are invited to attend the fastest 45 minutes of your day. This Boot Camp is designed with you in mind. It’ll be challenging and a bit tough at first, but you will notice things getting easier with each session. With regular, consistent, and progressive exercise you’ll change your shape. Does that interest you?

Let’s get serious. We are not just talking about changing your shape but changing your health. Not only will you get fitter but your quality of life will improve greatly.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go through a winter without getting sick? Remember last year? YUK! It’s been proven that regular exercise can keep you well and it can also reverse or retard most illnesses. I have several clients with MS and they’ve really seen big changes in themselves since they’ve started a regular, progressive, consistent exercise program.

One of my friends in the Lunch Time Madness Boot Camp (M-T-W-Th-F at 11:40 AM) let me know that she’d gotten rid of 2 ½ inches in her waist in only 8 weeks. WOW! That’s fantastic because fat around your middle is the dangerous type. This fat is very moveable and if not done away with it can break away to lodge in your carotid artery or in your femoral artery. If this happens you can lose oxygen to your brain and a stroke is eminent. This should scare you to pieces!!

It used to be that men were the only ones that were apple shaped with that extra spare tire around their middle. Now, women have joined the Apple style and a lot of that can be attributed to the yo-yo diet syndrome. If you had a choice to either give up a meal or exercise more each day, what would you choose? Since I love to eat, I would choose adding a 30-40 minute exercise program to my day.

If you work a 9 to 5 sedentary job, you now have a place to go to get that workout in and still get home at a reasonable hour. Imagine how you’ll feel next year when you get on the scale and realize that you beat the odds. You didn’t gain those 10-20 pounds that your inactive friends and family are stressing over.

If you are serious about improving your quality of life, changing your health, and increasing your stamina I want you to call and commit to coming in for a free fitness consultation. 907-229-7652 there is absolutely no obligation, but I think you’ll be amazed at what the fitness test will reveal.

I had a girl (27 years old) come in the other day and the results of her test were shocking! The good news is that you can reverse the damage that overeating and slothism (made-up word) has created.

Another client of mine who was 61 years old at the time came in to go through the 6 components of the fitness analysis and she tested out at the 90-94 year old bracket. We got her back so that her insides matched her outsides in just 8 weeks. No one is unfixable!!

If you’ve been turned off by the Big-Box Clubs then bfit & well is the place for you. You’ll be working out with your peers and the only person that you’ll be competing against is yourself!

I can guarantee that you will change your life if you allow yourself to get into a regular, consistent and progressive exercise program. Now is the time to give yourself this life-changing gift. Don’t put it off for another moment. Is it scarier to end up in the hospital with a blood pressure incident or walking into the bfit & well studio?

“Yesterday my doctor measured my blood pressure, and it was lower than it had been in years, probably since I was a teenager! My physician’s assistant at my doctor’s office thinks it was due to your lunch time boot camp that I have been attending for the past three weeks. The doctor’s office actually called me this morning to reinforce the exercise and tell me they think it is making a huge difference.   What a difference three weeks have made.  The extra walking I have been doing with the Saturday walking group has probably helped as well. I was shocked to see this new low number as I have been on medication for high blood pressure for more than 10 years, and it never has registered that low. I am so excited about this result due to exercise!” Susan–57

The choice is yours. The price difference is staggering. I saw the emergency room charges for one of my clients who had to go because of a broken wrist. Would you believe $16,000.00+?  Sure this was for a broken wrist, but I’d venture to say that if you had a diabetic episode, a heart situation, or another high blood pressure occurrence your bill would be that or more. This does not include admittance to the hospital which most of these incidences would warrant.

Your investment for the 4-day a week after work Boot Camp is only $249 a month. This is on an 8 month contract so that all you have to worry about I showing up! This camp starts September 7, 2010.

When you compare the costs of the boot camp against the hospital it’s really a no-brainer.

What you’ll need to bring to each class is:

v  Heart -rate monitor (a MUST!)


v  Athletic shoes that are only worn inside (bring them to change into)

You will need a release from your doctor if you are 55 or older. That can be faxed to my office at

888-652-6064. You will also fill out a health history/waiver form before you start.

I’ve given you some idea of what you can expect when you get yourself into a regular, consistent, and progressive exercise routine, but there are other benefits including but not limited to:

v  Inch reduction

v  Pounds shed

v  Mood enhanced

v  Strength increased

v  Flexibility boosted

v  Stamina out the window

v  Subtle changes that only you’ll notice

What’s holding you back? Don’t let your negative self-talk defeat you. I know that if you’ve read this far you are definitely interested in getting healthy. Please, call, 907-229-7652 and talk to me and let me know what your thoughts are. What questions can I answer? What can I do to support you in your struggle for health and wellness?

If it’s easier for you, email me at bonnie@bfitandwell.com. I try to answer every email inquiry that I receive the same day that I read it. Visit my website www.bfitandwell.com for more testimonials and information

Dedicated to your health,





P.S. I do work with clients one to one if you think that’s where you’d like to start. Let’s talk about it!



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