8May, 2010

Lunchtime Boot Camp!!

You asked for it so here it is!!

Lunchtime Madness:

Come workout with Bonnie!!

12 weeks to a new you!!

Yes, I’ll be right alongside of you doing every squat, each push-up, every jumping jack, each and every mountain climber, all the burpees that are required and everything else that we GET to do.

How would you like to change your body completely?

From May 17th through July 30th there will be a mature body-renovation boot camp. 5-days a week for 12 weeks. That ought to do something, right?  This camp is targeted for the mature female body.

11:40 AM til 12:20 PM each day.

It’ll be hard at first but the rewards will be amazing.

What you’ll need to bring:

v A Determined Attitude

v A Sweat band

v A Water Bottle

v A Sweat Towel

v A Heart Rate Monitor

v An OK from your doctor if 55 or older

What you’ll receive for your effort:

v A Smaller, Tighter body

v An Improved Attitude

v New Found Strength

v Unimaginable Stamina

v Incredible Flexibility

v Belly Fat Eradicated

You are encouraged to come as often as you can. The class will be held and on the schedule for 5 days a week. My prayer for you is that you’ll take advantage of this offer so that you can experience the kind of dramatic changes that can take place with just a little effort.

This 40 minute program 5 days a week for 12 weeks is a life-changing occurrence.

Don’t miss out on this!! Just imagine what size you’ll be in 3 months!! Think about how you’ll look in those “tight” jeans. What about that swim suit that you’ve been afraid to be seen in??

ONLY sign up for this program if you are totally committed.

Don’t think about this for too long either because someone else will fill your spot. This program is limited to the first 12 people that call and give me their credit card number. 907-229-7652

Your monthly investment for this incredible program is only $239 on a contract so all you’ll be concerned about is getting fitter and healthier.

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t wait. Don’t put this off.

Call today 907-229-7652 or email me at bonnie@bfitandwell.com.

Dedicated to your fitness,





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