16Oct, 2013

FREE Workouts to support Breast Cancer Research in Alaska

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October 09,2013
Hello, Everyone!!

Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month we’re offering three FREE Saturday workouts!!

There are two left. One on the 19th and one on the 26th.

These groups will meet at 10:00 AM each Saturday. Please wear Pink!!

Please join us and donate what you can to the American Cancer Society of Alaska.

All the funds will stay in Alaska for the needs of women here in this State!!

Come and have a fun, exciting, and functional workout program!!

Tell your friends or better yet, bring them with you!!

Space is limited so we’d like to know that you are coming and who you are bringing!

See you this Saturday at 10:00 AM.

We are counting on you!!!

The Breast Cancer Awareness Team is counting on you!

The bfit team.



Anchorage Personal Trainer Bonnie Murphy of bfit & well Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

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PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (May 1, 2012) Anchorage, Alaska - Anchorage Personal Trainer Bonnie Murphy of bfit & well Celebrates Five Years of Helping Women Transform Their Lives   Bonnie is a certified trainer who specializes in helping mature women live young and healthy lives. She is celebrating herfive year anniversary by giving back to women of Anchorage. “I am offering everyone... »

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Announcing the 7 Day Referral Contest Winner

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Carley M. is the winner in the 7 day referral contest!! I gave her the $100 cash at last night's 6-Week Transformation Class!! Thanks so much for all of you who chose to participate in the week long Referral Contest. I am honored that you think enough of me as a personal trainer in Anchorage and bfit & well to share it with... »

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How I Used Kettle Bells to Fix my ‘Frozen’ Shoulder

By Bonnie Murphy

I've told the story before about how I used Kettle Bells to 'unlock' my shoulder. But after I recently achieved my Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) I wanted to share the entire story of my transformation from having a 'frozen' shoulder to being... »

Kettle Bell Training Gives you Real Strength

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When I say “weight training” or “power lifting” you think “strength,” right? Particularly when you think of power lifting you think STRONG, right? Well there's a very real situation that I have been blessed to be a part of that will challenge... »

Kettle Bell Training for Baby Boomers

By Bonnie Murphy

Since I have experienced and studied the correct and injury-free way to work with Kettle Bells (KB), I want to share that information with you! I've attended KB workshops for Fitness Professionals recently that have given me the knowledge to instruct... »

Recap: Joint Mobility & Muscle Flexibility Workshop

By Bonnie Murphy

It dawned on me that I hold these Joint Mobility and Muscle Flexibility workshops - like I did this past Saturday - and I see the attendees have these wonderful aha moments and I never share those with you! So, I... »

Senior Fitness: Aging in Alaska Interview with Bonnie Murphy

By Bonnie Murphy

Bonnie Murphy interviewed by Aging in Alaska (listen to the .mp3 audio file on the link above) I was interviewed for the Aging in Alaska radio program back in June and it aired in July in Bethel and Cordova. Aging in Alaska is a... »

Sassy Water Recipe: Perk up your water and Shape up your body

By Bonnie Murphy

I want to share this great recipe for Sassy Water, originally from Prevention magazine's Flat Belly Diet. This is perfect if you aren't fond of drinking plain water - which many people aren't. You'll love this when you try some water... »

DASH diet is the healthiest eating plan?

By Bonnie Murphy

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension - DASH - beat out Jenny Craig, Atkins, and Mediterranean Diet A new study by U.S. News & World Report just concluded that the "best personal diet depends of the goals trying to be achieved." Yep... it... »

HOT HULA fitness returns to bfit & well on Thursday June 9th

By Bonnie Murphy

The HOT HULA fitness® demo class we did on Monday was a HUGE success! I was so pleased to see such a large crowd turn out for our first HOT HULA fitness® class in Anchorage. Think of this as Zumba for Hula... »

First Time in Alaska: HOT HULA fitness at bfit & well on Monday June 6th

By Bonnie Murphy

Is Traditional Pacific Island Dance the Next Fitness Craze? HOT HULA fitness® is a fun, new and exciting dance workout based in the traditional movements of the Pacific Islanders. On Monday June 6th, at 4:30PM, you and your friends are invited to... »

6 Week Fit Ball PLUS+ program Starts Tuesday, June 7th

By Bonnie Murphy

Get on the Ball and make this YOUR BEST SUMMER EVER! Are you a first time exerciser but don't know where to start? Have you not worked out for a long time and are ready to get back to it? Are BOOT CAMPS... »

What You Eat Can Damage Your Cartilage and Lead to Knee Pain

By Bonnie Murphy

I wanted to share this fantastic video with you. It is an interview by Rick Kaselj of Exercise For Injuries of Dr. Peter Osborne from Town Center Wellness in Houston, Texas. Most people think of what we eat as only affecting our body fat, energy,... »

Is exercise the fountain of youth? Yes.

By Bonnie Murphy

Thanks to a couple of my clients for introducing me to the book "Younger Next Year for Women” by Chris Crowley and Dr. Harry Lodge. It is always amazing to see something that I have believed - and lived -... »

The “Let’s Talk Food” Class Starts on March 5

By Bonnie Murphy

Are you sure you make healthy food choices? Do you know what healthy foods are? If you've spent most of your adult life battling your weight, it is time to get off that roller coaster by getting some food facts that you... »

How Can You Burn 450 Calories in 45 Minutes?

By Bonnie Murphy

One of my gals burned 450 calories in JUST 45 minutes the other day during a boot camp workout!! "So? She's probably some athlete!" you might say. Wrong! What if I told you that physically she is just your average mature... »

Are you a “resolutionist”?

By Bonnie Murphy

What's your best time of day? Are you a morning person? Would you like to get your workout in before work? You are in luck!! I just opened up a Boot Camp Style Fitness program from 7:15 AM until 8:00 AM. This will... »

Happy New Year 2011!

By Bonnie Murphy

I was working on a Happy New Year Post Card to send to all of you and then things came to a screeching halt. I guess the next best thing is to just wish you a Happy New Year right... »

What’s Going to Keep You From Piling on the Pounds in 2011?

By Bonnie Murphy

What's going to keep you from piling on the pounds in 2011? Isn't that what happened in 2010? What will make the difference this year? How about a Boot Camp style workout and mindful eating? Have you ever noticed how you... »

Fit or Fat for 2011??

By Bonnie Murphy

Who else wants VARIETY in their workouts? Do you get bored doing the same thing every time you go to the gym? If this is you—then, I've got the class for you. The Transformation Project is being transformed!! The 4:30 PM M-W-F class is... »

Need a workout before work?

By Bonnie Murphy

Need a workout before work???? The 6:15AM Small Group Personal Training expands to three days a week. Now, you can work out M-W-F mornings and get your exercise done for the day before anything can interfere! You will want to show up at... »

Nobody told me about the 20 pound gain from menopause

By Bonnie Murphy

A quote from one of my gals: “I knew about the 20 pound weight gain from quitting smoking, I knew about the next 20 pound weight gain from Alaskan winters, but nobody told me about the next 20 pound gain... »

Lunchtime Madness Returns in July 2010

By Bonnie Murphy

You asked for it so here it is!! Lunchtime Madness: Come workout with Bonnie!! bfit & well mature women only boot camp is the quickest, easiest and most fun way to jump start your fitness program. Get rid of pounds and inches fast.... »

Lunchtime Boot Camp!!

By Bonnie Murphy

You asked for it so here it is!! Lunchtime Madness: Come workout with Bonnie!! 12 weeks to a new you!! Yes, I’ll be right alongside of you doing every squat, each push-up, every jumping jack, each and every mountain climber, all the burpees that... »