Don’t Settle For Less Than You Can Be… 

If You’re A Woman Who Feels Destined To
Having A FAT Belly, Round Middle,
Jiggly Thighs And Upper Arms That
Look Like Wings… Now

There is HOPE!

Finally, YOU can transform your body to look and feel the way you were meant to be! At bfit & well we will show you how, 
or your money back

From Bonnie Murphy,
Transformer, bfit & well
Anchorage Personal Trainer
(907) 229-7652

Dear Friend,

Fat-BWho says you have to grow old gracefully? Certainly not me. Old is a state of mind for people who have given up on life. It doesn’t have to be a state of body.

Unfortunately, many women are resigned to thinking there is nothing they can do when their bodies slow down and get stiff as they age.

I say, no way!

Time might march on, but there is no need to let Mother Nature drag you down.

You CAN regain your health, your stamina, reshape your body, and be the most vibrant and fit gal you can be. We’ll show you how!

Happy BMy name is Bonnie Murphy, and Anchorage personal trainer and owner of Bfit & Well, the most unique personalized fitness training studio.

In fact, bfit & well is THE only fitness center in the Anchorage area that caters specifically to the needs of women over 50!

Donna (62)

Before I started my workouts with you I had suffered with intense shoulder pain which restricted my life style and sleeping was almost impossible. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon and after the usual x-rays and MRI’s was told that I was a candidate for shoulder surgery to remove a bone spur and generally clear up the shoulder. Recovery was expected to take 3-6 months.

Determined to maintain as much mobility as possible to get me through the summer boating/fishing/hunting season, I joined your 7:15am Strength and Conditioning Class. After several months of working out with you 3 times per week, I am very pleased to announce that I have decided that I DO NOT need shoulder surgery. I am basically pain free (unless I push beyond my limits), I am sleeping uninterrupted again and I have more mobility and flexibility in my shoulder than I have had in years.

I would most certainly recommend exercise to anyone who has a joint injury to strengthen first and consider surgery as a last resort!!! And I would highly recommend B’Fit and Well as the place to do it.

I truly appreciate your approach Bonnie. Attending classes at your facility are stimulating, fun, and challenging. I am comfortable in the atmosphere of the center (no major hormones to contend with!) and I know that you are aware of my limitations so that you push me to be stronger, but never enough to hurt me.

Thank you so much for the service that you provide. YOU ROCK!!!!

“I am sleeping uninterrupted again and I have more mobility and flexibility than I have had in years”

I had a phone call this spring from my sister in Spokane. She was in a hospital having surgery the next morning for rectal/colon cancer. It was shocking news to me. As she lived alone, I flew down to be with her when she was released from the hospital. The news was grim. She had rectal, colon, liver, lung, stomach and adrenal gland cancer. She was not going to recover. I stayed with her for five weeks, and she was gone. During those five weeks, she deteriorated rapidly. She couldn’t walk, then couldn’t move her legs and finally couldn’t move her body. While she had hospice nursing, I was her primary care person , and that was a monumental job.

The physical demands on my body while trying to change her sheets with her on them, trying to change her soiled nightgown several times a day, cleaning her up and doing several loads of laundry each day were exacting. I learned that we can do what we need to do. But I could not have done what I needed to do, if it had not been for the training I received from you and your work-outs during the winter.

When I first came to your transformation class last fall, I was weak, flabby and truly in need of transforming. You gently started me on a program of strength training and fitness. I suddenly started feeling stronger and more stable. I looked forward to your classes, as I knew they were improving my body and my life. God must have known that I would soon need that extra strength, so I truly believe He sent me to YOU, knowing YOU were the one who could do it! (And, you were!!)

After my sister passed away, I continued to need that strength to clean out her living quarters and haul items from her second story apartment. Each day I was so grateful for you and your program. I felt so lucky that I had discovered your program at just the right time. I am now back at your gym and once again, I am so happy to be working with you and all the fun and friendly ladies that also attend.

My sister never exercised and smoked several packs of cigarettes a day. Her life was short and unfulfilling. I now choose to treat my body better. I now choose to participate in your classes and learn from your wisdom. I hope others do too. THANK YOU, BONNIE, FOR CARING SO MUCH ABOUT ME AND ALL THE OTHERS WHO COME THROUGH YOUR DOOR! I THINK YOU ARE A TRUE GIFT TO ALL OF US.


“You are a true gift to all of us!”
Testimonial Picture
Marilyn (59)

When I first heard the report after a routine blood test, I was really upset. I had moved “over the line” into a diagnosis of diabetes. I received recommendations for immediate lifestyle changes – including changing my diet drastically, getting more exercise and losing weight. I was discouraged and depressed but found that I could cut out refined sugar and flour and eventually reduce my carbs to 30/day and begin to regulate my blood sugar. The weight began coming off, but I still didn’t feel very well and had little energy. It was harder to overcome being sedentary, having put off regular exercise for years. I began walking to work and home for lunch, but I dreaded going into a gym and didn’t know how much and what type of exercise I should do. But then I remembered driving by bfit and well, which is only a few blocks from my house (a nice walk). I checked out Bonnie’s website and was impressed by the wealth of information and encouragement I found tailored for women “of a certain age,” a category in which I also fit. The biggest surprise was when Bonnie said she would work with me for ½ hour two times a week and I should spend about an equal amount of time doing cardio exercise on the machines. This seemed completely do-able and it has been. Bonnie is an amazing and skillful coach – combining kindness, humor, and encouragement with a toughness that keeps the work challenging but never too hard and never boring. Five months after the really bad day I heard the diabetes diagnosis, my blood sugar is regulated and I’ve lost 40 pounds. But thanks to Bonnie, I’ve also become much more fit and dropped my pant size from 14 to 10! And the size 10 is feeling a little loose.


“I've become much more fit and dropped my pant size from 14 to 10!”
Testimonial Picture
Kate (64)

I don’t know if I’ve told you or not, but I’m really enjoying my workouts at bfit & well. I started over a year ago, took a few months off for knee replacement and now back at it again. I’m convinced that I would not have rebounded from my surgery as well as I did had it not been for the conditioning I’d done before I went under the knife. Five months after the double surgery, I was back doing exercise routines, modified by Bonnie to accommodate requirements for my new knees…and enjoying them! And now that I’m back at it, I’m still feeling great…..imagine!

What do I like about bfit & well? First, it’s all women. In addition, I have fun while doing group workouts….that means I can get a workout and not dread going back the next time. In addition, Bonnie and the other women there become like family – it’s not just a group of women getting together to exercise, it’s a support group for those of us who have things we’re working to change.

If you’re looking for a place to work out and get healthy, consider joining me at bfit & well. Maybe we can have fun together….what a concept!

Bonnie’s emphasis has been on mature women, and she is now planning some summer fitness camps for young girls…targeting those who haven’t yet gotten into exercising yet…If you’re not interested for yourself, maybe you know someone who is….a friend, neighbor, daughter, granddaughter, etc.

This is not a paid advertisement…I really enjoy my workouts there!


“If you're looking for a place to work out and get healthy, consider joining me at bfit & well. Maybe we can have fun together....what a concept!”
Valerie (59)

Bonnie Murphy is my transformation coach. She is so gentle, and such an inspiration. I’ve been working with her 3 times a week for about 3 weeks, and my knees no longer hurt, I can walk a few upstairs comfortably, and today I found that I can cross my legs—for the first time in at least 20 years!

Treat yourself to a little more energy and an extra dab of self-esteem. Let’s feel good together.

Valerie – Anchorage, Alaska

“Let’s feel good together!”
Testimonial Picture
Marisa (26)

I used to only train in the gym. I would try and incorporate free weights into my program, but for the most part, I used the machines. Since learning the bfit way of training, I’ve learned that exercise does not need to be done in a gym, or with expensive equipment – AND, I got way better results! With a lot of cardio training mixed into my strength program, I was able to lose close to 40 lbs from my heaviest. I feel light on my feet, and enjoy showing others the great exercises that helped me to gain my success!

Marisa – Anchorage, Alaska

“I Lost 40 Pounds...!”
Susan (59)

It was the end of December when a close friend asked me if I was interested in going to an exercise class with her, 3 times a week for 6 weeks. My son had been in Iraq for 6 months, it had been a long winter and I was biting at the bit to find some sort of positive action. As I have MS and walk with a cane and live with noticeable weakness on my left side, my choices of exercise was limited. But, I said sure.

Bonnie met us with a positive reinforcement I have never encountered anywhere. We worked on developing our core strength mainly with the use of the balance ball. I found myself sitting on this ball going through exercises and almost without realizing it, could do things I could not do before. When I first started I could not walk toe to toe without losing my balance, now I can. My cane has become a thing of the past. I can take a shower and wash my hair without becoming dizzy. This was all a direct result of learning how to control my core muscles and strengthen them. As an added bonus, I went from a size 10 jeans to a size 8.

At the end of the classes, Bonnie shared with me her concerns for my future. She emphasized that exercise was essential for a person with MS and asked me to continue with her at my own speed in a sort of boot camp environment. I have been doing this for several weeks and I look forward to each class. I continue to strengthen muscles, all over, but especially my left side, and I feel wonderful. When I visited my doctor last month she was amazed at the progress I had made. I can do 2 miles on the treadmill at 3.5 miles and hour and a year ago that would never have happened.

Bonnie has given me the inspiration to improve myself and not think of MS and my disabilities, they are gone. I may be challenged in some ways, but with this positive attitude, I only see a brighter future. I now have to remind myself of my MS. Even at class when I “push on,” Bonnie or one of my workout people will nudge me and say slow down, cool down, and then start again.

The added bonus is working in a place for mature women. We can relate to each other, and not feel intimidated by young, skinny girls who have no idea how challenging it is at our age to maintain a workout program. We support each other and feel each others pains as well as successes.

This truly is a positive experience and I would recommend this to any one with MS to talk to Bonnie and see if she can help them too. I am truly glad I met her and hope to continue working with her for many months to come.


“I would recommend this to any one”

My passion is training and helping others be the best they can be at this time in their lives, through exercise and healthy nutrition. But after working in the fitness industry for several years, I realized that most of the fitness centers and gyms out there catered to people in their 20’s and 30’s.

Many women join these fitness clubs only to become frustrated and quit because they had a one-size-fits-all approach.

No two women are the same. Why should their fitness programs be the same?

As women age, their fitness and nutritional needs change. What a woman in her 20’s needs is far different than that of a woman in her 60’s.

But none of the fitness centers I found, in the Anchorage area, catered to the needs of the mature women.


A whole segment of the population was being
totally ignored by the fitness industry…
the mature woman.

That’s when I knew I had to step in. I started my own personal training business in 1995 after I packed up my belongings and moved to Anchorage with my 79 year old aunt. I had been working in fitness more than 7 years and felt the time was right to start finding out what the adult woman needed to do to get in shape, tone her body and feel vibrant again.

I spent the next 9 years transforming senior women at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center and also continued my own education. I am a certified personal and group exercise trainer from AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) ACE (American Council on Exercise) and UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage), a certified Zumba® Instructor, and a certified Aqua Aerobics Instructor.

Home Town Fitness Trainer Honored in National Periodical

Anchorage, AK. Founder of bfit & well, Bonnie Murphy, has been honored by being listed in “The Best Personal Trainers In America” 2009 publication published by, The National Fitness Hall of Fame.

Bonnie has accomplished this feat because she works with clients that other fitness trainers ignore. Her client base is comprised of several octogenarians along with many who are dealing with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, stroke recovery, joint replacement, and weight issues.

To be listed in a publication that includes trainers from across the nation, you must be unique in your field.

Where you fall in the ranking is figured on a point rating.

  1. Number of years as a personal trainer X 20 (1,000 max)
  2. Number of current clients X 50 (2,000 max)
  3. Number of one-on-one clients X 2.5 (2,500 max)
  4. Number of certifications (max 5) X 100 (500 max)
  5. Number of outreach clients X 0.2 (1,000 max)
  6. Number of unique products/systems produced X 200 (1000 max)
  7. You are the owner of a Personal Training gym or studio. If yes, add 2000 points

To be considered one of the best your points need to total over 5,000. Bonnie’s ranking: 5,830.

As you read through this periodical you find names like: Vic Tanny, Betty Weider, Jane Fonda, Tony Little, and Jack LaLanne. For a trainer to be counted among the best in America is a great honor. To celebrate, Bonnie is offering a six week “Transformation” Program for women between the ages of 50 & 75 for a $50 donation for the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission. The six week transformation program begins Monday, January 4th–M-W-F at 2:30 PM.


Fitness is my passion and my commitment to working with the mature woman was quickly recognized. In 2006 I was appointed Alaska’s Fitness Ambassador, an ongoing position, by Lifelong Fitness.

I take pride in my work. Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of women feel energetic, healthier, and younger than they’ve felt in years.

My program goes beyond toning muscles and flattening bellies. I’ve learned that many ailments can be improved through proper diet and exercise.

boot camp boot camp boot camp
boot camp boot camp boot camp

In fact, you can feel young and vibrant at any age. The key is to exercise and eat the right foods for your body. Getting fit is more than just looking good in your clothes. It is about being healthy, feeling confident, and becoming more active.

I’ve seen the proof over and over again, working with adult women at bfit & well.

Make no mistake about it. bfit & well is not your daughter’s BIG-BOX fitness club. Far from it. When you work with me, here is what you’ll get:

  • A simple fitness test to determine your current fitness level
  • Personalized training sessions that are focused on enhancing your balance, coordination, stamina, and strength
  • I’ll listen to you to see what’s going on in your life and your body so I can design a program that is meant just for you
  • I’ll guide you through exercises that will focus on what you need
  • I’ll talk about YOU and your diet and nutritional needs that will help you trim your figure and tone your body
  • You’ll be treated like an individual, with unique fitness needs
  • You’ll enjoy an intimate, yet upbeat atmosphere that is WOMEN ONLY
  • You’ll work with a down to earth fitness trainer who will respect the woman you are and the woman you can be


You don’t have to go into your senior years feeling like the best part of you is behind you.

You can tone your body, control your weight, and get active so you can get your life back on track.


Sept-March 08-09 Transformation Project

The Transformation Project started in September

with 16 healthy females. By December they

needed suspenders to hold their pants up!

I have literally transformed thousands of adult bodies through exercise and food coaching. Many of the gals I’ve worked with have suffered with medical disorders such as:

  • hypertension,
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol

Most of them have seen a marked improvement in their conditions.

Through focused exercise and nutrition some diabetics are even able to stabilize their blood sugar to a point where they are no longer considered diabetic or pre-diabetic.

3 Generations Working Out Together!

That’s exciting news for people who’ve been told they’ll need to take medication for the rest of their lives.

Growing into maturity should be a time to enjoy just like any other time of your life. You should look your best, feel your best, and enjoy every moment of being a beautiful woman.

Sure, you can buy a video tape or take a walk. Any exercise is better than sitting in a chair and wasting away like so many people do when they begin to age.


You can join bfit & well and begin fitness training for a better future in your mature years!


Starting the Transformation Project on 9/9/09 until 1/2/10 I gained 18 pounds.
I exercised consistently and aggressively.
I was on no food plan to help reduce the fat while building muscle (holiday foods accounted for most of the weight gain).
1/2/10 – I re-focused and started pH Miracle Weight Loss program along with 3-5 days of exercise a week.
1/19/10 – Let go of 8 pounds
3/15/10 – Let go of 8 more pounds

My ah-ha confirmation is exercise without fueling my body with the right food will not produce weight loss. This has been a frustration cycle of my whole life.

Healthy weight maintenance is only one of my challenges. I have endured the complications of peripheral neuropathy in both feet for over 15 years. I have not want to resort to medication for the swelling in my ankles and continued stiffening of my feet. After 6 months in the Transformation Project I HAVE ANKLES! The swelling is gone and the fascia in my feet has thinned and is more pliable. My feet hurt less as do my legs in general. (The first time I did a kick back, my quadriceps were so tight I felt physically ill from the effort!)

Stress has overtaken me to the detriment of my health. I have found strength and aerobic exercise, lead by a dedicated and knowledgeable professional trainer, mind stretching for me and then body strengthening. I was so convinced I could not do some physical activities; I had stopped trying. It took the encouragement and guidance of Bonnie and the energy of the other women in our group to help me see I can achieve what I thought was lost.

My posture and self confidence have also improved as my core muscles strengthened and self care took a high priority in my life. I am so inspired by women in their 70’s and 80’s who have decided to challenge the norm and seek a higher quality of life for themselves. I have gained courage and determination from these ladies.

Bonnie your dedication to the health of 45-80 year old women is long over due in the exercise world. You have created a totally accepting atmosphere and have the knowledge required to adapt exercises to our abilities at the time. You believe we can achieve the healthier lives we all want now, whatever our age. Thank you for being in my corner; I cannot express my appreciation in words.


“After 6 months in the Transformation Project I HAVE ANKLES!”

The truth is, there isn’t any other fitness program like mine in the Anchorage area that focuses specifically on the needs of mature women. Only bfit & well gives women a workout that transforms their body so they can have more endurance and get their life back!

  • Get rid of that round middle that hampers your movement
  • Firm up a jiggly belly so you look good and feel confident in your clothes
  • Tame those “thunder thighs” so you don’t look lopsided and have difficulty walking
  • Get rid of those “flying squirrel” upper arms that sag and make you want to cover up
  • Feel like you did when you were younger
  • Be healthier than you’ve been in years


Hear What My Clients Have To Say!

Testimonial Picture

“I’ve lost weight, but more importantly, inches. I am a lot stronger. In fact I went on a kayaking trip with 3 other people, 2 of which were guys, and I was able to drag, lift, and maneuver my boat much easier than any of my companions. I was very impressed and so were they!

My balance is so much better than it was before I got to bfit and I have gobs more energy!”

“Working with Bonnie is one of the best things I have ever done for myself...”

To whom it may concern:

I have known Bonnie Murphy for more than seven years and was already familiar with her remarkable work as Fitness Manager at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center. I had taken a couple of her classes which benefited me greatly, but always considered myself “too busy” to sign up for more. Besides, even though I was considerably overweight, my blood pressure and cholesterol were good and so was my bone density.

Then I began to experience pain while walking, and eventually even when standing or sitting. I thought, and so did my doctor, that it was caused by low-back problems. It was recommended that I walk and exercise more, but soon every step was agony. Over-the-counter pain killers did next to nothing, and chiropractic adjustments often seemed to make the pain worse.
After enduring the increasing pain for several years, I finally went to a pain clinic, where a complete set of X-rays showed that my left hip joint had completely deteriorated, even though the right hip was near perfect. I was immediately referred to a doctor who specializes in hip replacement surgery (Dr. Peter Schaab), and surgery was scheduled. I had my surgery as quickly as it could be arranged, in December of 2006, and was on my feet immediately and almost completely pain free.

As an archetypical Aries and “Type A” personality, however, I was impatient with my progress in therapy even though my flexibility and strength were assessed as more than satisfactory by Dr. Schaab. I wanted to lose weight that I had gained while totally sedentary because of the hip pain, and to “get moving”. When I heard that Bonnie had opened her own studio, I decided to see if she would help me.

Bonnie set up a complete program individualized “just for me”. She took it slowly, concentrating on my balance and, very slowly, increasing the strength in all parts of my body, not just my hip/thigh area. She had stocked her studio with well-designed machines targeting almost any part of one’s anatomy, and instructed me in their proper use. She reviewed the information I had on hip surgery recovery and made sure I inquired of my doctor before doing anything questionable in the form of exercise. Although I had discovered an ankle problem which has not responded to strengthening exercises, all other areas of my body began to respond to Bonnie’s individual attention. Soon my left leg strength was approaching that of my right, and I was becoming conditioned over all.

When I planned a trip Outside to see family and friends, my emphasis changed from conditioning to weight loss (the fact that I was going to meet up with an old boyfriend had more than a little to do with my dedication!). Bonnie began to add aerobics to my strength training. I “hate” aerobics, but Bonnie varied the routines enough that it became “almost” fun – at least bearable! I lost 12 pounds in about two months which I considered unremarkable – until I got out the tape measure! I had lost almost eight inches off my waist, four off my bust, three off my abdomen, three off the hips and almost two off each thigh. After all, as Bonnie reminded me, muscle weighs more than fat!

Now I walk normally, can go down stairs without support, and am making great progress going upstairs as well, though I still need a handrail. My balance and strength have improved exponentially. I have more energy and enthusiasm (yes, even for aerobics!) and people tell me I “glow”. I’m not done yet, and I plan to continue with Bonnie as long as possible. After all, the “old boyfriend” has mentioned marriage!

– Janaan

“I lost [a total of] 17 inches”

Fat BThere are many excuses women use to avoid taking that first step to get in shape. Often I hear it is too expensive.

But think of it this way…

How much does it cost for a day’s stay in a hospital?

Bonnie & FriendsWhen you lead an active, healthy lifestyle, your chance of being hospitalized due to sickness and disease, decreases dramatically.

The women I work with continue to come back to me long after they’ve reached their goals, not only because they know my program WORKS, but because I care about each and every one of them.

My clients become my friends and no one individual is more important than another. When you reach your goal, I share in your joy. I enjoy seeing your self esteem grow with each session. I want to share in your success as a healthier you.

Call me at (907) 229-7652 or email me to get started!


I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer, pre-invasive but all ducts involved. The best decision was a double mastectomy. The difficult diagnostic procedures and the final surgery left me weak, unbalanced and uncoordinated.
Once I was released to exercise, Bonnie put me through the strong woman program and then into circuit training. She monitored my exercise, recommending and adjusting activities to assure the best results. I was amazed at the RESULTS! My coordination and balance returned and I am stronger now then pre-surgery. Bonnie is a wonderful fitness trainer. I recommend her highly to anyone!


“I recommend her highly to anyone!”

“…..I certainly got lots of exercise on my Egypt trip and could NEVER have made it through if I had not done so much core work with you in your Boot Camp–lots of climbing up and down in the squat position.”

Gwendolyn – Anchorage

“I could NEVER have made it if I had not done your Boot Camp”
Testimonial Picture

Your boot camps in December and January did wonders for me. I really had fun and found that I was stronger and had more endurance after the regular exercise challenges you provided at each session. I am now able to sustain a fast walking pace of over 4 miles per hour, whereas before the boot camps, I was at about 3.5 miles per hour. I am trying to stay on a regular schedule of walking to train for a half-marathon in June and your boot camps gave me the initial energy I needed to keep stepping up the pace this past month.

Jane — February 2008

“I was stronger and had more endurance after each session”

I attended three months of Bonnie’s Anchorage boot camp. I was amazed at the results in only three months in my strength, flexibility, and overall toning. It set me on a track of renewed fitness which I hope to incorporate into my daily schedule. Thank you, Bonnie.

Dottye – Soldotna, Alaska

“I was amazed at the results”
Marion (83)

I felt I needed some work to strengthen my inner core so turned to Bonnie (whom I’ve known 20 years) to see what we could do. Thanks to her careful guidance she has helped my overall well-being (a little laughter along the way never hurt!). I can now walk a straight line, do ankle circles and lift my buttocks off the floor with my feet on top of the ball and many more things that were hard for me at first.
Thanks Bonnie for being always there, cheerful and willing to help & listen!


“Bonnie was always there, cheerful and willing to help & listen!”

The Great Wall of China

When I first started working with Bobbie it was primarily to increase my health and well being and get rid of extra pounds. I mean I knew about gaining 20 pounds for moving to Alaska, and I knew about the 20 pound weight gain after quitting smoking but NO ONE told me about the 20 pounds for menopause! So here I am at 63 and 60 pounds overweight. I needed to do something and Bfit & Well is it.

Then my partner and I decided to visit China this spring. It was a “bucket list” trip for both of us – number one on the list and the trip of a lifetime. My partner is an avid bicyclist who thinks nothing of biking 100 miles and I can barely do 8 – 4 out and 4 back! But the Great Wall?

We used a Chinese Tour Company. China Highlights who offered us a great deal. They offer one hour, two hour and five hour hikes on the Wall. Of course we wanted to see the real wall so we opted for the five hour hike. I’d done the Chilkoot Trail and it was tough but the Great Wall looked even more challenging in the video the tour company produced (

It was hot in China, very hot and very humid for us poor Alaskans! I felt confident as I started out, I would just go at my own pace and I’d be fine. We walked past 30 watch towers, up and down over an ancient wall that had been repaired in some places and not in others. When my knees started to protest, I sat down and said to myself: “Thank You , Bonnie Murphy” I can do this.

When my thighs started to protest I laughed and said to myself – “Bonnie, I didn’t squeeze the ball enough” but I can do this. I plodded on through some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. On one side was China and on the other Mongolia.

It took me seven hours to do the five hour hike but I MADE IT! Thank you , Bonnie Murphy!

Angie Slingluff

“It took me seven hours to do the five hour hike but I MADE IT!”

Happy BThose are just a few words from clients who’ve worked with me at bfit & well. But I know you probably want some reassurance. That’s why I am prepared to GUARANTEE results!


Don’t waste your years buying into the notion you can’t look and feel as great as you did in the past.


Sept-March 08-09 Transformation Contest

Call me TODAY at (907) 229-7652. I’m waiting for your phone call so we can get started putting you on the right track to fitness, nutrition and wellness.

Dedicated to your health,

“Transforming mature bodies through exercise and food coaching”
Signed by Bonnie Murphy

Bonnie Murphy
Anchorage Personal Trainer
(907) 229-7652

PS. I care about your health and well being. That’s why I GUARANTEE you’ll look and feel the results of your hard work within 6 months of working me. Don’t you want to be healthier and feel like you did when you were younger? I KNOW you do.

So call me TODAY!

Call me (907) 229-7652 or email me to get started!


bfit & well serves the following cities with personal one to one fitness training, personal training, small group personal training, bootcamps, and in-house nutrition class services:
Anchorage: Muldoon, Midtown, Downtown, Turnagain, Dimond Area, Hillside. And Eagle River, Chugiak, Peters Creek, Wasilla, Palmer, Indian
bfit & well’s administrative office is located at:

203W 15th Ave, Suite 103
Anchorage, Alaska 99501



Satisfaction 100% GuaranteedNational Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum AwardAmerican FlagCredit Cards



Hey, check this out!



Hey, check this out!



Bonnie Murphy has been selected as

“The Best Personal Trainers in America” 2009

In October of 2009 Bonnie Murphy was chosen as one of the “Best Personal Trainers in America” by The National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum.

This is quite an honor for a small town Fitness Trainer to be included in a national publication.

“Since I work mainly with mature women, I found it very gratifying to be recognized.

My training is very different from the norm because I work without the normal weight equipment that you find in most traditional health clubs.

I focus on functional training and that’s the reason why so many of my clients’ experience such monumental changes with their total body. I challenge each client, but I don’t hurt them. They might not experience excruciating pain, but they’ll see wonderful results. No-pain, no-gain, is insane!”

The criterion that was used to pick the top trainers was by a points rating system. The number of years as a trainer, the number of current clients, the number of certifications, and how long you’ve owned a studio or gym were among some of the information that counted toward the accumulative points.

To be considered one of the “Best in the Business” a score of 5,000+ was necessary.